Maintain a striking and consistent online presence


A slick and informative online hub for your business.


Engaging and timeless content to bring your brand to life.


Increase your brand awareness and reputation with big names.


Visit our studio to fully immerse yourself in everything we have to offer.

We will take direct control of your business’ social media pages to ensure your brand image remains striking and consistent. Through our bespoke service, we will deliver a unique, tailored experience that you won’t get anywhere else. Every brand is different, and we want to find and hone in on your specific identity. Your social media presence will be wholly individual.

This multifaceted hands-on approach sets us apart from the competition. Every business we work with gets the same dedicated, individualised attention. Our video experience will be showcased on social media. Expertly filmed and edited videos of your most eye-catching menu items will hypnotise your audience. Click play and lose yourself in a dreamy visual feast.

A website is the perfect online hub for your brand.

We will create a beautiful, minimalist and user-friendly website that showcases the best of your work. In this industry, the food speaks for itself. Presenting the dreamiest images of your food is the website’s primary function. Who wouldn’t be enchanted by an aesthetic showcase of delectable delights?

In order to showcase your brand, we provide a content creation service dedicated to highlighting the best of what you have to offer.

Our experience in visual content creation comes alive on social media, where we produce quality images and videos that broadcast your unique brand identity. When dealing with food, images speak louder than words.

Social media is a vital way to connect with your audience, keeping them in the loop and excited about your business. We produce the most engaging content so that your brand can thrive in the all-important online space.

Due to the visually alluring nature of our content, we have attracted the attention of various influencers over the years. Users such as [X] have worked with us to amplify their brand image.

We are proud to have a large list of contacts - nothing conveys our friendly, well-known, respectable nature more than this. There is so much value in collaboration, a key part of being an essential cultural hub of food, business and marketing.

Why not come and visit the We Eat Marketing studio?

At our studio, we have set up a test environment to showcase our brand. We believe a hands-on experience is much better at communicating the essence of what we do. Come along and take pictures, interview us, and see first-hand what We Eat Marketing is all about.


“Very friendly and professional team. Excellent service throughout the entire process - would highly recommend.”

“If you're looking for someone to help build your brand and create an online presence, then look no further. I didn't know much about social media or what I should post, but We Eat Marketing were more than happy to help me.”


Take a look at our comprehensive list of services which are specially designed to strengthen and amplify your business online. There are endless marketing strategies out there, but we have narrowed down our focus to four main platforms tailored to food marketing. This is based on years of experience in the industry.


Through a blend of social media, website design, content creation, and influencer marketing, we make sure all bases are covered for expanding your reach and crafting a bold and consistent online identity.



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